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Dear Reader

Thank you very much for following my Blog for so long. This week I bring you news of a change in how it will work in the future.

Up to now the publication of the Blog has been on a wordpress site . When the email telling you I have published a new entry arrives on your computer it has carried a title which acts as the link – clicking on that has taken you to my wise words.

From next week the blog will be incorporated in the Alton Cardiac Rehab website. You will still receive an email with a link which will act in the same way but will take you through to the page on the Cardiac Rehab website which carries the Blog. You might like to visit the site our new site  and the blog pages can be found here:

The blog will also be coming out fortnightly rather than weekly.

I hope that you will continue to read and learn from the Blog whose next outing will be next Saturday 28th Jan.

LOL Hugh