Toni Goffe

The world about us as seen through Toni’s eyes is the world of whimsical cats, fanciful dogs quizzical sheep and curious cows and luscious landscapes of the rural countryside, hidden harbours and mysterious ports as seen through his rainbow coloured glasses.

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 Why measure exercise dose? You might wonder why it is helpful to regard exercise as a “dose” let alone measure it. Two reasons pop into my mind: Because of its widespread health benefits, exercise can be equated to medication. How big a dose is needed to help weight...


The energy required by muscles to contract is produced by complex biochemical reactions. A critical contributor to the process is oxygen (O2).   Oxygen comprises about 20% of the air we breathe. It is absorbed from the lungs onto the haemoglobin molecules in the...


  There are two broad categories of exercise. Dynamic or isotonic exercise is that which uses the regular, purposeful movement of joints and large muscle groups, particularly their Type I fibres. Isometric exercise, on the other hand, involves static contraction...


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